iPhone Apps

Mediterranean Diet Planner & Calorie BMI Calculator

The best mediterranean diet planner application for iPhone.

Thinking of losing weight? Thanks to our application get your daily menus with the exact calories needed. How it works? Enter you age, height, sex and daily activity level and start pick up between our varieties of menus, and provide a BMI calculator to see how well we took our diet.


Havana Puzzle

A Fun Simple iPhone Game With Havana Images

If you like puzzles, this is a fun relaxing way to pass the time on a commute or during a rainy afternoon. You’ll find a variety of puzzles with different difficulty levels: easy with 2×2 pieces to advanced ones with 8×8. A great challenge! You can enjoy high quality puzzles that, for sure, will provide you many hours of entertainment.


Dominoes Game Score

Dominoes Game Score is a scorecard for Dominoes fans that want to get rid of the pencil and the paper. Keep the score of the game in this intuitive app and focus on play the game and defeat at your opponent.


Ultra Rock Paper Scissor

Ultra Rock Paper Scissor is a hand game played by two people using Game Center. The objective is to select a gesture which defeats that of the opponent.




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