iPad Apps

  • Mediterranean Diet Planner & Calorie BMI Calculator HD

    Health & Fitness
    The best mediterranean diet planner application for iPad.

    Thinking of losing weight?

    Thanks to our application get your daily menus with the exact calories needed.

    How it works?

    Enter you age, height, sex and daily activity level and start pick up between our varieties of menus, and provide a BMI calculator to see how well we took our diet.

    Other Skills:

    No internet connection required.

  • Card Matching Pairs

    Card Matching Pairs is a challenging online concentration memory game that requires players to spot the identical pairs in each level. Match pairs of cards together with the help of your memory. Can you find them all?

    Use your memory and try to remember the pairs of each card in the shortest time as possible. Attention, your memory and ability will be tested to see if you can remember in a limited timelines, where are the pairs of cards that match, the game has four modes (1-Easy, 2-Medium, 3-Hard, 4-Premium ) in each one there is a time and a set of pairs that is getting more difficult each time, by mixing the colors and types of cards to obtain different sets of pairs well blended.

    The game provides many animations and is becoming more fun, the results are centralized Game Center, where you can see what your friends are sharing, your results and much more.


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